I should probably put this out there. I don’t do “reviews/recaps” that summarize what you just watched. There is no point in rehashing what you’ve probably already seen by watching the show in question in the first place. Rather, I like to see this as a place to throw out my reactions to episodes and shows in question and to theorize as to what will happen in the future. This is my attempt to be a semi-critical viewer. Because that’s really why we watch it all in the first place. Sure it’s about what happens while you watch it, but it’s so much more fun to come up with crazy theories about something that actually doesn’t even matter because it’s just a show. But while you’re watching it, it’s not just a show. It’s so much more.

I will also intersperse this with random comments on what I’m knitting, since that’s usually what I’m doing while I watch television in the first place. My progress on them is frequently indicative of my mood toward the show at the time, which should probably worry me.


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