On Winter… and Premieres… and Binging on TV

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fall premiere season. But there is something wonderful and magical about winter premiere season that I just love. You’ve already gotten through most of the crappy new dramas and comedies, and are returning from the holidays. The break wasn’t too long, but just long enough for you to catch up with that show everyone’s told you about before it starts back up (and I’m loving how networks embraced this and made whole past seasons and current available On Demand). Of course, you’ll probably tell them later that you don’t think you were missing much not watching it, but that’s so not the point. Plus, since all the show cancellations have left your evenings a little thin, lots of 12 episode series and miniseries pop up to fill in the void. All in all, wonderful.

Over the holidays I finally watched Game of Thrones. Not impressed. I got a lot of knitting done. I would rate it lace knitting worthy television. I’ll probably watch it when I really need to get something difficult done but still need the background noise. Definitely not high priority for me, but it was done and I can say that I did it. Working through the books now, which I’m really hoping are better than the show, because otherwise I’m very SOL.

The first four hours of the Snowpocalypse

And now I’m in this weird position with Teen Wolf, because I started it, and now I need to finish it, even though I really didn’t like it all that much. I like it just enough to keep watching and know what happens. But since I didn’t finish before the season returned, I can’t find the previous episodes around legally. Conundrum. It seemed like a good idea at the time when I was buried in my home behind the three feet of snow Detroit got and the snow plows hadn’t hit my street yet.

I’m not typically a fan of watching lots of episodes in a row, particularly if I can’t have commercials. I like commercials. It’s a thing I couldn’t possibly explain in a way for you to understand, but it’s a thing. Usually I take the holidays to watch a series that is long over and I somehow missed through no fault of my own. Last year it was Farscape. That was great fun. But for some reason I believed that my television viewing was a bit lacking in diversity, so I tried to branch out. It was weird. Not sure I’ll do that again.

And then there’s the new stuff that is filling the void of fall’s failed attempts to entertain us. Surprisingly, I’m probably one of the few that was sad to see The Assets go so soon. Of course, I was also a big fan of Rubicon, so that’s not saying too much. The two had a similar feel. The Assets probably would have benefited from some tender loving care from a cable network (they would have at least released the whole series for me so I could know how it ended, even though we still don’t know what will happen with the rest of the episodes as of yet). The slower intelligence/spy narrative is just way too much fun for me. I may not get it completely, but I feel smarter just making it to the end. It should probably come to no surprise that I’m becoming quite the fan of John le Carré as a result. The Assets had that, and it will be a missed blip on my television.

The happy beginning for me this week was Helix. Oh my gods, Helix. I loved it. Watched it twice, and I’m sure I still didn’t get everything. This is wonderful news, especially given SyFy’s rather poor regard in my eyes. It had all the fun and mystery I wanted it to, with plenty of icky bits to make me hungry (for food). You can feel the Battlestar Galactica connection in the dialogue and the character interactions. It definitely amped up the violence factor in comparison though. Admittedly the entire time I was going “Umbrella Corporation?” but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Evil corporation that gets mixed up in unbridled science is always awesome. I’ll definitely be curious to see the direction the story line decides to go toward. Also, Balleseros (who will from now on be known as Sexy Plumber) is awesome and I love how lovable of a bad guy he is. I want to give him hugs (and send him into lots of decontamination showers, but that’s so not the point). I really hope that his character has a stronger role in future episodes. Lots of potential there.

Sexy Plumber… and that other guy’s ex-wife

Helix was so engaging I almost gave up on Twitter, and completely abandoned my knitting and weaving. Well, the first time.  This show needs at least two viewings. The first was for Twitter, the second was for fiber arts. And I’m still not so sure the second time can even have the fiber arts. I know I missed something working on these hand towels.

Towel On My Loom

Towel on my Loom

I’m sure next week will have even more wonderful things for me in store in the coming month or two, and then Spring shows begin (aka my life is put on hold for Hannibal). Normally I would say that winter is not my favorite given the weather, but all the wonderful programming on my TV is definitely making up for it.


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