Warm Bodies Warms My Heart

Warm Bodies Poster-Getting WarmerI try to avoid doing movies. I go to advanced screenings a lot, and while they are awesome, usually it’s not anything special. I’m a TV gal. Movies are great, but they just don’t have the character development that I want. Warm Bodies definitely does. Probably because it was based off a book. I haven’t read the book (which is a huge shock), but I’m sure it will be as wonderful, if not more, than this movie.

As my brother would say: 10 out of 10, will buy. And maybe torrent until I can buy because there are only so many times that you can go and see a movie in theatres before you go broke. To put things into perspective, I’ve already seen it twice, and it hasn’t even come out yet!

So we begin by saying that this is a zombie movie. Romeo and Juliet: Zombie Style. I love it. I love zombie movies. I have a zombie contingency plan (or two, and you should too!). I own a surprising amount of zombie movies, and I see a heck of a lot of them. I hate running, but I’d consider it for that darn Zombie Run app. You’re running away from zombies! Nothing is too cheesy, and at the very least it makes for some good research for my zombie contingency plan. There’s something so wonderful about post-apocalypse movies that have zombies that every day post-apocalyptic movies just don’t have. And this one has it in spades.

This movie is full of heart, and there is no better way to show it than through humor. It’s almost like watching young love, except a little bit more sexy. Because Nicholas Hoult definitely brings the sexy. Apparently he was on Skins. I’m not a huge fan of British TV, but he has the TV background, so that gives him some bonus points. The fact that he’s Jack in Jack the Giant Slayer later this year only makes me love him more.

Warm Bodies

You love this movie because it’s sincere. The characters are earnest and quirky, and there is just enough backstory given to make you feel like these are actual people, not just characters in a story. And the sets. Holy cow, the sets. R’s “PlanePartment” (brother’s term) is full of wonderful little things that he’s collected, and it makes me want to just take a moment and look at every little thing he though was interesting while being a zombie. It’s the little things that make this movie so much more, and I highly recommend going to see it. In fact, I would almost go so far as to demand it.

Love can be crazy, and sometimes it hurts. But hopefully it will all work out in the end. Take it from R’s friend M, “Bitches, man.”


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It has recently come to my attention that I enjoy television too much. So I figure I should have a centralized location for all my fun theories and thoughts on the matter, frivolous and not, and sharing them to random strangers has far too much appeal than it should.
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