Man-Candy Competition: THE RULES!

Arrow v Beauty and the Beast


Arrow returns tonight, so I am including the rules of my much anticipated (on my end, maybe not yours… but it should be) Man-Candy competition between The CW’s all new shows Arrow and Beauty and the Beast. The results will be in likely on Friday or Saturday… or maybe next week. I’m not nearly as far though them as I would have liked to be. This is some tough work!

The rules were compiled by my dear friends and science nerds Cameron, Maggie, and Theresa. Most of them were by Cameron. The male. I figured that would make them pretty objective. The point values were a combination of myself and their input, but I had the final say.



Number of shirtless scenes:

  • 1 point per minute, 2x points if ripped off in coitus or in battle

*This is the only one that is done per minute (also what is making this take so darn long to compile)

Number of times a male flexes or exerts himself  exercising:

  • 1 point per scene, shirtless exercise 2x points

Number of times he is kicking ass and taking names:

  • 3 point per scene, 2x if shirtless

Amount of spicy romance scenes:

  • 3 points per scene (5 if he’s shirtless)

Number of scenes where the male is wet from rain or other liquids (counts double if he is shirtless in the scene):

  •  1 point per scene,  2x for shirtless

Number of scenes where the male is holding or accompanying a cute fuzzy animal (while slightly controversial in the scientific community, guys with a sensitive side is usually considered hot):

  • 1 point per scene

Number of dramatic poses the male has in the show before/after doing something heroic:

  • 1 points per scene


  • Minus 3 points per scene (because dude, that’s just not sexy)

Saying something to damage a relationship:

  • 3 points per scene (because that’s how dudes role)

Scenes in which they are hiding the pain they are in or emotional feelings:

  • 5 points per scene (emotions are for girls!)

Actions being done for a damsel in distress:

  • 3 points per scene


Number of attractive men:

Rate each individual major male star and add them up and compare the score:

  • 5 point scale of hotness added per male individual’s score.

Count the number of implied love triangles:

  • 2 points per love triangle link

How tightfitting the male’s clothes are. Particularly in the chest, butt, and groin regions:

  • 10 point overall score

A lesser note is how well the male’s hair style survives various action prone incidents:

  • Bonus 3 points for well coiffed hair

Overall hotness score:

  • 10 points, up to 5 extra bonus points for scars


So those are the rules. Feel free to watch along with Arrow and Beauty and the Beast and see how they score for you! Share your scores with me in the comments or message them to me on Twitter @MerryMedia.


About Merry Merino

It has recently come to my attention that I enjoy television too much. So I figure I should have a centralized location for all my fun theories and thoughts on the matter, frivolous and not, and sharing them to random strangers has far too much appeal than it should.
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