New Year’s Resolutions: On Fringe… and Endings…

Babies! They're my favorite...

Babies! They’re my favorite…

It’s Fringe Friday bitches! That is so much more cool than just being Friday. At least for a little bit longer. It is way too soon in the year for us to be talking about endings (although AHS is ending next week too…). I’m also loving how Grimm isn’t returning until loooong after Fringe is over. Is that some professional courtesy we’ve got going on? Or will there not be inconsistent airing afterwards? Either one is good for me!

Now, I’ve been on a bit of a Fringe hate recently, but that’s mostly circumstantial. I always have negative things to say about Fringe, and then at the end realize how awesome everything worked out for the endgame.

Which is my New Year’s Resolution for Fringe: To have a good endgame. There are only two episodes left. Make em good.

I’m not usually a fan of shows knowing too far in advance that they are going to be cancelled. I think it removes a bit of the spontaneity of the ending and makes them a bit too neat. I prefer my endings to leave me absolutely confused and upset that it’s over, but satisfied with the few things they were able to wrap up. I understand that I’m in the minority here, but I stand by my statement. When all the loose ends are tied up in neat little bows, I’m usually not so pleased. There’s nothing left for me to ponder in annoyance! J.J. Abrams at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour is not leaving me very pleased. “If it’s not satisfying, I don’t know what satisfying is.”

I DON’T WANT TO BE SATISFIED! I want to be outraged it’s over, but mostly pleased with the choice in what they did manage to wrap up (which shouldn’t be much). And if I catch a single flashback montage of any kind, I will object very loudly. This is why I was not pleased with the Chuck season finale, but that had a bunch of other problems with that one which we won’t go into here, but did go into here.


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