New Year’s Resolutions: OUAT and Revenge

Tonight we have all new episodes of Once Upon A Time and Revenge. It’s kinda been a while since we enjoyed these things, so I figured it would be a good time to review what is going on here and what I would like to see for the rest of the season. These are the New Year’s Resolutions I have for Once Upon A Time and Revenge for the rest of the season.

Hook and Cora Arrive at Storybrook

Let us begin with Once Upon A Time. Which begins by my stating that I am not a huge Hook fangirl. This might come as a surprise, especially since he is such a beautiful piece of mancandy*, but I can live without him. And most of the new characters from this season.

I’m not really sure what they are here for. Well, I do, I just don’t appreciate them. There is only so large that the cast can be before I start forgetting backstories. We’re getting pretty close. Some of these people (old and new) are going to need to die off somehow. I don’t really care how, I just want fewer characters around. Things are getting a bit messy. So that’s what I would like from Once Upon A Time this New Year: fewer characters.

As for Revenge? That’s a whole other pile of crazy that I don’t think I can get to at this time. The general gist of it derives from my general confusion over Revenge as a whole. I have a similar problem with Once Upon A Time, but Revenge is taking this problem to a whole new level.

My problem is that I don’t understand how it managed to last for more than one season narratively. I wasn’t a huge fan of last season, and really only watched season one for Gabriel Mann and the fabulous fashion of Nolan Ross. This season, there isn’t even enough of him to make up for all the ridiculous going on. There is absolutely no direction to the show and it’s making for some really strange happenings. I have to watch things twice just to figure out what it is that’s happening, and I’m still not sure what’s going on.

Revenge should have been this wonderful one-season-wonder that people talked about fondly for many years to come. Instead it’s being drawn out in this way that just doesn’t feel very substantial or fulfilling for the viewers. If I even understood just a little bit of Emily’s plan I might be able to have some sympathy. There is a limit to how much mystery and secrecy that things can hold before we just give up. Show me a little more Gabriel Mann, and we might be able to open up negotiations again.

*As a note, I am part-way through Arrow in my mancandy competition between it and Beauty and the Beast. I will be posting the rules for them this week with the premiere of Arrow so that you can tally the points for them along with me! Look forward to the final tally post next week to go along with the season premiere of Beauty and the Beast. MAY THE BEST HUNK WIN!


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