Not So Terrified with American Horror Story: Asylum

So last year I heard about American Horror Story, and my instant response was “No.” I don’t do scary movies, why would I do scary TV shows? And then I watched The River. Now, I am well aware of the fact that The River was terrible. That was kind of why I was thoroughly addicted to it and love it something stupid. But I was glad it was over. What The River did teach me was that watching scary things on TV was kind of like watching PG-13 scary movies. You had a little bit of a thrill, but overall they weren’t going to give you nightmares like E.T. did when you were little. So I finally gave American Horror Story a shot. And I became a true believer, like anyone else who watches it.

When they announced Asylum, I was thrilled. Well, mostly thrilled. There was a little part of me that was afraid that it would just be the same thing over again, or that they were going to ruin a good thing with a sequel, but I quickly ignored these notions. The rest of my brain told that little bit to shut up. Very vehemently. Evan Peters was going to be there, so who cares?! (I have a thing for Evan Peters… don’t tell anyone)

And on Wednesday when I watched the new episode, I was excited. I was thrilled. I wasn’t necessarily terrified, but I know that Dr. Arden will more than make up for it in the future. But that was never my relationship with American Horror Story. I’m in it for the story, not for the terror, because the writers have the most amazing narrative skills I’ve seen in a long time. Possibly ever. This year, I’m just not so sure. I feel like I know too much about the characters, and the story hasn’t even started yet. Maybe I should stop reading spoilers. Of course, the annoying side of me tells me that everything has been very tight lipped about this season, and I don’t actually know anything from the few articles that did have any information for me.

Maybe I’m being too quick to judge. This is a whole new story, so I should probably look at it as a whole new show. As pilots go, this one is looking pretty good. I definitely want to know more, and am looking forward to seeing it. Sister Jude’s… thing… with Monsignor Howard is going to entertain me to no end. Even if her garters were inaccurate to no end. Six straps, my friends. Not four. And I have an Evan Peters problem, so Kit is my new favorite character on TV right now. I absolutely adored the interracial relationship, despite its brevity, as that issue is very close to my heart. It’s too bad that we won’t see much more of her in the future. Although, aliens do have their advantages…


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It has recently come to my attention that I enjoy television too much. So I figure I should have a centralized location for all my fun theories and thoughts on the matter, frivolous and not, and sharing them to random strangers has far too much appeal than it should.
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