Confessions of Revenge

So last year I really didn’t think that Revenge would be a big thing. At all. I didn’t think it would be able to sustain itself past a single season, and after Pushing Daisies, I wasn’t quite ready to go through that again. It wasn’t on my watchlist, and I didn’t make too much of an effort. It was my senior year of university; I did have SOME priorities. And yet every week I would see my Twitter feed light up with crazy stuff about it. So last Wednesday there was the recap, I was sufficiently entertained, and I got myself caught up for Sunday’s all new season. See what all the fuss is about.

Look at those double collars!

Now, watching it without commercials and watching it with commercials are two very different experiences. Also, watching a lot of the episodes consecutively completely changes the suspense of the show. As in, there wasn’t any. I was watching purely because I absolutely love the character of Nolan Ross, and his style is fantastic. The double-collars that were his signature style last season were fabulous and I had a little giggle of happiness every time he was on my computer. I understand that it must have been incredibly hot for him to wear, but he looked awesome, so I didn’t really care.

Where are my double collars?!

I had anticipated that my experience with Revenge was a little skewed because of how I caught up, but I didn’t realize by how much. Everything was heightened as a result of the impeccably timed commercial breaks, and I’m excited to see what is going to happen next week, particularly with Nolan and NolCorp (See, I have a problem…).  I still don’t completely get it, and am still really only watching for Nolan, but I’m excited to see the direction that it is going in. Nolan is looking to be a lot stronger, and far more professional. And he’s going to have a love life! Now, if this means no more double-collars, I might not be so pleased. The distinct lack of them in the premier did NOT sit well with me.

While I’m not obsessed, I can definitely see the appeal. Having had a brief stint in England, I’m traditionally not a big fan of the primetime soaps (EastEnders, Hollyoaks, and Coronation Street are just wrong, no matter what you tell me). However, Revenge has just enough roots in reality (for now) that I’m not rolling my eyes at each further development.

As for the latest episode, I’m pleased that we’re no longer on the hit-a-week schedule. Revenge is turning out to be a lot more complicated than little Emily Thorne thought.


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It has recently come to my attention that I enjoy television too much. So I figure I should have a centralized location for all my fun theories and thoughts on the matter, frivolous and not, and sharing them to random strangers has far too much appeal than it should.
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