Vegas not keeping me up all night

The concept of CBS’s new show Vegas, with it’s dangerous wild west feel combined with the glitz and glamour of casinos should make this a slam-dunk. Sadly, it barely kept me awake through the episode. And I tried. The all-star cast was reason alone for me to at least  try and watch. Dennis Quaid, Michael Chiklis, Carrie-Anne Moss… do I need to say more? Everyone performed wonderfully, but the pacing made it very easy for me to stray to the ever-distracting internet and completely ignore all the fantastic acting that was happening on my TV. Now that I really think about it, I’m not entirely sure what happened.

Considering it’s 10/9c timeslot, this is not good. When it comes to pacing, the similarities to Longmire are astounding. Considering the pick-up of almost all of their shows last year, CBS won’t be able to keep something that just won’t have an engaging relationship with it’s audience. I admit, the comfortably formulaic shows are their bread and butter, and Vegas certainly is that, but the formula only works so long as it’s still engaging. Vegas is not.

Surprisingly, it did really well last night, completely sweeping the competition. Of course, there wasn’t all that much competition (except for Sons of Anarchy), so I’m not sure how great of a win this is, and will continue to be.


About Merry Merino

It has recently come to my attention that I enjoy television too much. So I figure I should have a centralized location for all my fun theories and thoughts on the matter, frivolous and not, and sharing them to random strangers has far too much appeal than it should.
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