‘Chuck’ Finale Ends Cleanly… too cleanly…

I should begin this post with a confession. Until this past Friday, I was on a Chuck ban. Well, I had made the decision to drop Chuck like it was hot, and hadn’t really looked back. But I was avoiding reality, and decided that I was just being stupid and should give the season a chance to redeem itself from the disaster that it had begun with. This is saying something, since I was a pretty strong Chuck fan before this season. This is a show that managed to survive by the sheer determination of its fans, and you have to give a show some respect for that. I didn’t think it would last this long, but thankfully it made the 4+ season mark and will hopefully go into syndication soon (I’m thinking TBS, SyFy, and USA to name a few; especially since two of those are owned by NBC Universal). As a result of my wavering loyalty, this post isn’t just in response to the season finale, but to the entire season as a whole, which I caught up with in two days. I was determined. It was great for my knitting. I finished a shawl I had been avoiding for a while. It’s beautiful.

Now on to more important matters. After having watched the entire season in one fell swoop, I felt more comfortable in my original assessment. Part of the problem definitely was that they knew they were going down, and were trying to tie everything up, while still leaving it comfortably open for a more satisfying ending. While I did enjoy the middle, the beginning and the end were not something I was incredibly pleased with. Although, that was the most fantastic Jeffster performance ever. Loved it. But the entire episode was so poorly done, that I almost couldn’t enjoy it. There is a limit to how much nostalgia I can handle before I want to throw up. I don’t think it was even executed very well.

Which leads me to my thoughts on endings, and why I don’t think this one was done very well. I hold a very unusual view on endings, in that I can’t stand if they are well tied up. That’s probably why I can’t stand Jane Austen books. Everything is neatly tied up within the last few pages, leaving me with nothing when it’s all over to enjoy. I really enjoy when you leave me with a few things left open. Which is probably why I enjoyed Firefly‘s ending, despite their having a short time to figure out how to leave the viewers with a semi-satisfying ending. Considering the situation they were in, it was probably the best they could have done. And they did it well. I doubt many people will agree with me, but I find nothing less satisfying in narrative than when everything is neatly tied up.

Which is why I had such a problem with the series finale. It tied everything up so nice and neatly I almost cried. Especially since the entire last few episodes were all standalones. Considering that they were trying to wrap up the series, some heavy serial action would have definitely benefited them. But that time was completely wasted with flashbacks and some very strange bad guys. That guy at the end, I’m almost certain he completely went against canon. But I digress. Things were far too wrapped up for me to be comfortable with it. If it was my choice, the series would have ended with Sarah loosing her memory and Chuck declaring that he will do anything to have her back in his life again in any way possible. Like that new Channing Tatum movie, The Vow. It would be just cheesy enough for it to be the ending of Chuck and just been all-around fantastic. Fans would take over the internet with their crazy theories (probably overloading FanFiction for a few days at the least), and their lives would live on for us in our own minds, rather than telling us explicitly how it unfolds.

Such a bummer. Oh well. I’m not the one writing the show. And then again, perhaps the masses do need to be spoon-fed endings. But I shouldn’t think this way, as it leads to my general displeasure with the masses, and so I pretend that the world agrees with me. So much nicer that way. 😉


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It has recently come to my attention that I enjoy television too much. So I figure I should have a centralized location for all my fun theories and thoughts on the matter, frivolous and not, and sharing them to random strangers has far too much appeal than it should.
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