Hello world!

I am finding the post title wordpress has given me far too entertaining to take away. Mostly because my New Media course briefly touched on the preposterous idea of trying to connect with the world as a whole without ever actually encountering people. To be honest, the whole internet community thing both terrifies and entertains me, since I find it incredibly counter-intuitive. Becoming friends and following (since when did stalking people become okay?) random strangers who share similar ideas as yourself does sound cool at first, but then I think about it for a moment, and I just find it creepy. But I am willing to go out of my comfort zone and throw my thoughts into the great internet. Let’s even go so far as to make it a New Year’s Resolution. To become a part of this strange community and immerse myself in it’s nuances and act my age by doing so. Last year I got a Facebook. This year, a real blog.

For the most part, this will be a commentary on the various television shows I watch, which are quite numerous indeed. I really should get out more. And interspersed will be the occasional rant or praise of whatever knitting project(s) I am working on while I watch said television. Like I said, I really should get out more. I’m far too young to act this old. So let’s embark on this journey of television discovery as I write on about the various shows that keep me… well sane is just putting it far too nicely.


About Merry Merino

It has recently come to my attention that I enjoy television too much. So I figure I should have a centralized location for all my fun theories and thoughts on the matter, frivolous and not, and sharing them to random strangers has far too much appeal than it should.
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